Vista, CA:  B&W Film 35mm with a Canon A-1 50mm lens
Social:  Being a friend, need of family, friends, people
Emotional:  When you need a hug with sounds, a loyal friend, and to ask if the monkey belongs on your back.
Emotional:  For the love of...
Spiritual:  Sense of connection to Higher Power, Enlightenment
Spiritual:  The fire within - the warrior/fighter in each of us
Environmental:  Awareness of our impact on marine life
Occupational:  Do you have a job or doing you are passionate about - Accept, Remove, or Change (ARC)
Occupational:  Hobbies, passions, interests - do what you love
Intellectual:  Education, continuous learning, challenges, aspirations, goals and objectives, empower, validate
Physical:  Exercising the heart...keep moving...
Physical:  Pineal Gland - Sleep, Rest, Rejuvenate, Decompress, Eustress
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