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For AMD 314, CSU San Marcos, Spring 2024, the video at the above line and image below was shared in class and I viewed it a second time at home.  What caught my attention while watching the video were Anderson's precise and deliberate editing techniques, like Mathematics equations with many different solutions.  With Anderson's symmetrical compositions, vibrant color choices, unique visual props and settings, precision timings on each frame leads the viewer to a consistent and almost linear point-of-view.  In some clips in the video, the camera angle, placement, and rapid switch from one character to the other establishes the connections of the character while at the same time injecting comedy-like gazes and haphazard scenes.  Some scenes were replicas of the previous frames with a different character to present continuity editing.  There's a lot of content on about Wes Anderson and I added them to my view list for future references.  Before this class, I did now know who he, that I do, I will also add his Top 3 movies to my "Watch List." 
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