Personality Portrait Documentary – AMD 314 – Spring 2024
Adel Bautista
For this assignment I opted to highlight and illustrate some of Chief Warrant Officer, R. Bautista’s (USN, CWO4, Retired) military jobs and responsibilities.  He retired from the United States Navy after 31 years of service.  He happens to be my best friend, my other-half, and my biggest supporter.  He is my movie and travel buddy.  I refer to him as “MacGyver” because he is very technical, resourceful, inventive, and patient.  He is a builder, machinist, mechanic, and an engineer.

This is one of my ways of acknowledging and appreciating his hard work, tenacity, loyalty, support, patience, and love for all of us.  He is one of the nicest and technical people you would want to meet.

The first image is an illustration of his assignment on board the USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) as the Fire Marshal and Repair Officer.  The battle group was instrumental in relocating victims of Mt. Pinatubo.

The second image is about his assignment in Iraq and the Seal Team as their technical support for the MRAPs and equipment they use on their daily patrols.  He was also assigned to Afghanistan.

He collects motorcycles and likes working on cars or anything mechanical.  We like going to the movies.  He likes Transformers, Star Wars, Sci-Fi, and action movies.

At home he likes to garden and helps me take care of my exotic orchids.  We love to travel.  While he was stationed in Egypt, we were able to travel to France, Greece, Italy, and Switzerland.  On family trips, we go hiking and visit our relatives in the Philippines.

Some of the props are from our home.  Some I ordered from and came in timely.  The surface is a piece of black glass to render the shadows.  The location is a corner of our sun room facing East with lots of windows.
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